Do you get the sweets? No time to bake an entire cake? Or maybe you only want enough to curb your sweet cravings… We have just the thing, Mug Cakes, and they are the perfect snack.  I have tried them and love them. Not only are these easy to make, they are fun, delicious, and cleanup is a breeze!

Why would you buy one of these Mug Cakes instead of downloading a recipe from the internet and using your favorite mug???  Good question, glad you asked!  The answer is simple, the ingredients are measured specifically for this size mug! You’ll get the perfect cake every time. You’ll never have to experience a mushy cake, a half-baked or not baked at all cake, a rubbery or eggy cake.. never again! About Face Designs designed the RECIPease Cake Mugs with you in mind and each recipe is designed specifically for the mugs giving you a Mug Cake that is easy, delicious, and fun to make.

There are 12 key ingredients, all of which you probably already have in your pantry. 

1. Flour: Every cake needs this and not that you’ll have a bag of flour for 2 years, but just fyi, flour stores for 2 years.

2. Sugar: Just like flour, it is good for 2 years, but seriously, who has sugar in their pantry for 2 years?

3. Brown Sugar: Tip: You can store brown sugar pretty easily and to prevent hardening, put a marsh mellow in the bag keeping it moist.

4. Vegetable Oil:  You can easily substitute vegetable oil with with canola oil, grasped oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, corn oil or peanut oil.

5. Baking Powder: Make sure you are using baking powder and not baking soda.

6. Vanilla Extract: Tip: Use pure vanilla extract, not imitation, it just tastes that much better.

7. Salt:Salt, combined with baking powder and flour is the perfect substitute for the self-rising flour needed to make fluffy mug cakes.

8. Cocoa Powder: Tip: It’s best to use unsweetened cocoa powder. If you have the sweetened version, use less sugar in your recipe.

9. Heavy Whipping Cream: Tip to have when you need it:  You can pour 1 tablespoon portions of cream in

to an ice cube tray and freeze. Once frozen place the cubes in a freezer bag and take the amount you need for a mug cake recipe when you need it.

10. Eggs: The perfect size to use in all of the RECIPease mug cakes are large eggs.

11. Buttermilk: Can be stored exactly like the heavy whipping cream.

12. Butter: Always use unsalted butter for baking and cooking.  Tip: you can freeze butter, so stock up and have it on hand for when you need it. Keep it in a plastic bag though so it doesn’t soak up the other odors in the freezer.

Mug Cakes are also a great gift to give to anyone who likes sweet treats! The ingredients are on the mug, the recipe is in the cute box that it is packaged in. A perfect gift; original, creative, high quality and fun!

If you prefer, you can download the recipease online at There are even recipes for delicious icings to top off your delicious Mug Cake.

Mug Cakes are great too for doing something different with your kids. They will have fun putting the ingredients together and in minutes have a treat that they will enjoy. It’s even enough to share!

Stop in today to get your Mug Cake, it will be one of your favorites!