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3 Ways to LOVE your skin

Embrace your own beauty, you’re worth it!   Ladies (and Gentlemen), we are all different and our skin needs are different.  We all know that to keep our skin healthy we should stay away from tanning or lightening our skin, we should stay hydrated; drinking plenty of water each day and we should ensure that […]

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Dry Cracked Hands?

It’s winter. It’s cold. The air is dry.  You’re skin is a mess: dry, itchy and cracked. We all know that the harsh winter weather wrecks havoc on our skin but do you know what to do about it? Winter weather strips our skin of moisture and of its natural moisturizing oils. For many of us, […]

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Tantalize your senses, no matter your taste!

Luxury soaps you can afford! These moisturizing soaps are mild and non-drying. What does this mean to you? Glad you asked. When you use these soaps you will notice your skin becomes softer and smoother. The RICH CREAMY LATHER rinsers off cleanly with none of that dryness feel after use. NATURAL INGREDIENTS? You got it! […]

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