3 Ways to LOVE your skin

Embrace your own beauty, you’re worth it!


Ladies (and Gentlemen), we are all different and our skin needs are different.  We all know that to keep our skin healthy we should stay away from tanning or lightening our skin, we should stay hydrated; drinking plenty of water each day and we should ensure that we are getting enough sleep every night.

What if that isn’t enough? What if you need a little something extra? At 3Winks, www.3Winks.com, we have a few products that will treat you and your skin right.

Bath Bombs, by Natural Inspirations, are made right here in Minnesota. I personally like to support local and made in the USA products. This company creates luxurious natural bath & body products that you can trust to support your health.

You can feel good about indulging in the good. Enhance your bathing experience with these luxurious bath bombs transforming your tub into your own personal spa.  Millions of tiny effervescent bubbles release pure essential oils, shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, epsom salt and mediterranean sea salt leaving your skin feeling soft, moisturized and satisfied. Melt away the days stresses with these skin-nourishing herbal goodness bath bombs with their intoxicating fragrances delighting your skin and leaving  you feeling recharged. Each bath bomb comes shrink wrapped with a ribbon, tag, and inspirational message inside.


Luxury Soaps, by Wavertree & London, are made from 100% plant oils, organic shea butter & vegetable glycerin and sustainable palm oils.  Artisans in Australia make the bar soap using the traditional French Milling process, which means the ingredients are blended into a paste before the bar is created resulting in a longer lasting bar with superior lather. 

This moisturizing soap is mild and non-drying. The rich creamy lather rinses off clearly and cleanly so that your skin feels soft and smooth. The soap is non-drying, non-irritating and PH balanced which is ideal for sensitive skin.

Better ingredients equals better soap. The fragrances of these soaps are all amazing. I’m not sure I have come across one that I haven’t liked. There is something for everyone.


Bath & Body, by PUREfactory Naturals, has a fresh and fun approach on skin care. Made in small batches to ensure it is of the highest quality, this collection of bath and body products is good for you as it contains no gluten or paragons, no petroleum or other harmful chemicals, and no GMOs.  PUREfactory Naturals, like us, believe that natural is best and simplicity is beautiful. Everything is made in the USA and all the ingredients are sourced in the USA. 

The hand lotion is deeply hydrating, leaving skin feeling soft, never greasy or sticky. The sugar scrub body glow is amazing, gently exfoliating leaving a smooth finish. The Mani and Pedi Kits are great for your hands and feet, repairing and nourishing the skin. Even in the winter, when our skin is the driest, these are great to have.


Heal your skin and keep it healthy with these amazing products. All of these products make great gifts for anybody. Prices range from $9.99 to $19.99.

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