3 Books to Inspire Her

She turned her cant’s into can’s and her DREAMS into PLANS!

-Kobi Yamada


Every women in my life is a strong women, even the girls are growing up to be strong women. Being a strong women doesn’t mean that you’re on your A-game everyday. We have our ups and downs, but we keep on going.

For those days that you need a little inspiration to keep going, to say no to giving up, these three books will inspire you and keep you positive.


Believe in your Dreams by Julissa Mora is described as, “A delightfully illustrated gift book filled with inspiring messages of hope and encouragement. It celebrates the experience of traveling along the road of life toward happiness and fulfillment.”  This tiny book is packed with the inspirational quotes and artwork that will enlighten your soul.  This book makes a perfect gift for any women or girl. Keep it on your desk or table and keep this little gem near for when you need a reminder to keep on going.

May you live a life you love by M.H. Clark is another great gift book filled with uplifting and inspirational quotes to remind any person that life is filled with good things.  On the inside cover of the book reads, “May you find your life filled with every good thing – epic challenges, deep joy, great accomplishments, and plenty of silliness, patience, courage, and adventure . May you find yourself surprised, humbled, and honored at the gifts that come your way. May you find yourself, every moment of every day living A Life You Love.”

She… by Kobi Yamada is a personal favorite of mine. I saved the best for last. This gift book celebrates the she in all of us. “She touches hearts and minds as she goes about her daily life – sometimes not even knowing the difference she makes.”  Such an amazing book for that amazing women in your life.


These three gift books I personally enjoy and know whomever you gift them to will love them as well. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in or the person your giving the book to, it will apply.  These books bring joy and happiness.




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